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Tips for Eating Vegan Vegetarian on a Low Income Budget

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Hello! Are you broke and starving? Well then you’ve come to the right place! In this video I will show you how not to starve on a vegan and vegetarian diet, so let’s get started.

With good marketing, superfoods make up most of the vegan lifestyle which leads to spending hundreds and even thousands of dollars on food. This is the common misconception that being vegan has to be expensive when in fact it doesn’t. Though superfoods are extremely beneficial to your health, so is not starving through calorie restriction from lack of money. Not everyone can afford to buy the expensive superfoods. There are affordable options to eat healthy which doesn’t rely on expensive goji berries for nutrition sources.

There are foods that I consider class 1 superfoods. A true class 1 superfood is a staple. Staple foods can be eaten almost daily as a reliable food source. They are lower in price, high in calories, vitamins and minerals.

Going vegan or just looking for healthier foods does not have to be complicated. The foods I’m about to list are relatively cheap and are accessible throughout most grocery stores in the US.

These foods are:
Sweet Potatoes
Beans & Lentils
and some nuts and seeds

All of these foods are class 1 superfoods or “staple foods” that don’t suck your bank account dry and they have more nutritional value than low priced processed foods. Make these foods apart of your main meal alongside fruits, vegetables and maybe some eggs and a little bit of meat here and there if you’re into that sort of thing. If you follow these simple steps you won’t starve yourself like most people do just trying to eat healthier than the standard american diet. But then again it’s debatable that they are starving as well nutritionally with empty calories.

Try to buy them in bulk to get discounts. You can literally buy a 20 pound bag of rice for around $1 or less per pound.

If you’re worried about taste, buy some single spices or mixes. You can get turmeric powder for a little under a dollar per ounce from Sungazer Herbs.

Foods are cheaper when they are in season. An example would be the 5 pound box of blueberries I found for about $8 dollars. It made a good snack for about a week until this happened….

Instagram Video

Those local blueberries tasted amazing compared to the off season berries.

Count out how much each food costs and subtract it from your monthly grocery income. Get as mathematical as you possibly can. Be sure to even count daily calories with cronometer.com so you know exactly how much you’re eating per day.

Compare grocery store prices before making one store your go to place. Some stores even have a discount section for fresh produce that appears to be going bad when in fact they are just fine, especially bananas.

Costco is starting to sell lots of affordable foods, most of which are organic. They have frozen fruits and large bags of leafy greens that are good for the price. Most of the foods you see in this video are actually from Costco. I’m not affiliated with them but I’m more than willing to mention the company if they keep adding affordable organic options. Watch out though I’m sure a lot in there is indeed gmo.

Grow a garden!!

Try to find a “CSA” Community Supported Agriculture program in your town. This way the farmers get a guaranteed income and you get guaranteed healthy raw food each week.

Prepare all of your food for 1-3 days in advance. That way you won’t waste money eating out. This means you will have to invest in some tupperware. Glass is prefered. Just… don’t drop it…

Drop Tupperware

Use BPA free plastic if you’re clumsy or traveling a lot. A nutribullet cup can store one blended meal for the day that won’t be as susceptible to oxidising when you’re out.

Make your own breads. They can last a week without going bad so its quick and easy food. Just slab some nut butter and jelly on it. You can make bread with 5 ingredients or less. Seriously its not that hard.

Avoid buying too many packaged foods. They can rack up a bill quickly and they are not that good for you. Especially dressings with all the fillers they have. A dressing I like to buy cost about five dollars for 8 servings. That bottle is empty in a week or less with how much I personally use. Its better to make your own dressings. Everything is healthier homemade anyhow.

Read full blog here ► http://brandongoji.weebly.com/blog/how-to-go-vegan-vegetarian-on-a-low-budget

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  1. Canfooy

    November 24, 2018 at 2:35 am

    i need to try some dates but not to many i highly dislike disaster pants. i've been on a fish only and non dairy diet for a minute btw XD. yesterday i went to the market and bought a pound and a half of salmon for $20 bucks XD


  2. SleestaksRule

    November 24, 2018 at 2:35 am

    You can get all the vitamins and minerals you need for free by drinking the water in Flint.


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