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School Lunch Ideas – Nutella & Cream Cheese Rolls

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Here’s yet another variation on some Tortilla Rolls/Bites but with some yummy Nutella and Cream Cheese! Who doesn’t love Nutella?

This delicious vegetarian lunch today is so good its like having dessert for lunch! When the wraps are cut up this way they’re sort of like little Sushi dessert rolls too!

Often when I pack vegetarian lunches for the kids, I will include some kind of protein smoothie with their lunches. We love the SunWarrior Raw Blend Protein packets. I use one packet to make enough for all 5 of the kids and some extra for freezing in our Little Mashies for treats later in the day. I’m not overly worried about them having extra protein at lunch – its more of an added treat. The kids get more than enough nutrients and food for dinner that I really just focus on them being satisfied with the food that they do have at lunch 🙂

A little tip about salads for kids – keep it simple! I’ve been serving them these simple salads since they were toddlers. Start with just a couple of leafs every meal (seriously 2 or 3), then slowly increase it and start adding one extra topping at a time (dressing totally optional – it works for some but I find with the younger kids – when they are first resisting the greens, its easier, faster and more appealing to them to have no dressing so that they can just pick up the leaves with their hands and stuff them into their mouths in one go 😉

In the lunchbox:
– flaxseed tortilla bites with Nutella, cream cheese, chia seeds, banana and strawberries
– simple romaine lettuce and shredded carrots salad with some dressing topped with chia seeds and hemp heart seeds
– mixed dried fruit, seeds and almonds
– half a mango with cherry tomatoes
– a MySuperFood cookie treat (www.mysuperfoodscompany.com)
– green protein smoothie with pineappes

Lunchbox Used: Planetbox Rover
Available from:
In Canada – www.theninetyninthmonkey.com

Reusable Food Pouch Used: Little Mashies (www.littlemashies.com)
Utensil: Petit Happy Face Party Fork (www.cutekidstuff.com)

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Music: Sour Tennessee Red by John Deley and the 41 Players from YouTube Free Music Library

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    January 22, 2019 at 6:38 am

    the smoothie looks like there is lots of greens in there. is it good?


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