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Quick Non Fried Snacks for Kids ||Quick and Healthy Snacks recipes||No Fry Snacks

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A healthy snack is the most required food for school kids,it keeps them energetic and charged up.Kids when back from school
are very tired and hungry , what they need is hug from mom and then a super yummy snacks to eat.I prefer to give my kids
something which keeps them energize and also which can keep them active for the rest of the day.We mothers are always
enthusiatics to try something new for our kids and something which is easy and quick to prepare.So here i come with
these collections of few recipes like salads, sandwiches and healthy non-fried snacks can be served after school to the kids.

Boiled Chickpeas

What are the different types of chickpeas?
Chickpeas are known by a variety of names. The type of chickpea which is popular is the Kabuli Chana variety – they are big in size, buttery in colour and has a smooth texture.

Whereas desi chana, more known as kala chana is darker in colour, smaller in size and has a rough texture. These are actually the most nutritious variety and hold high content of antioxidants.

What are the benefits of chickpeas?
nutritional benefits of chickpeas for babies

Rich source of iron, protein, zinc, folate & manganese.
Helps in the proper functioning of the body
Prevent conditions like anemia & weakness
Improves concentration power
Boosts hair growth
Strengthens immune system.
When can I introduce chickpeas to my baby?
Chickpeas, like other legumes, cause painful gas and are not quite as gentle on baby’s developing digestive system like other simple fruits and veggies.

After a consultation with the doctor, chickpeas may be introduced to your baby from 8 months of age.

Sweet Poha can be a good breakfast as well as snacks which in an easy recipe for morning hurry or even quick
evening snacks. You can serve this poha with a glass of milk as it will be a great filling combination for you kids,
You can say this snacks serves as an great alternative to cornflakes.

Sweet Corn Chaat is an easy-to-make snack recipe for kids after school. This simple corn chaat recipe can be
prepared in just 5 mins if you have the boiled corn ready in hand.Try this quick chaat recipe and you and your kids
will love it.

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