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A & W Veggie Burger Review – How does it stack up?? Tips to trick out your burger!!

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So, to start, A&W more recently changed the veggie patty they use . Gone are the mush-compressed vegetable patties. Now A & W veggie burgers feature a super tasty, you might almost say “smoky”, veggie patty. Its super tasty – with a slightly bacon-overtone, but not overbearingly so.

You can sub regular sauces like ketchup for chipotle or ranch – in this review I went for chipotle to give the burger that little something extra! It was definitely the right choice.

Now, the bun, for some, is going to be a real treat. Its a whole-grain, substantial bun that looks like it comes from a fancy bakery. However, it can be a bit tough to chew – certainly more so than most burger buns, and the texture is on the hard-side. There is no “give” inside the bun so when you bite down or press on the burger with your fingers the toppings can slip or squish out – that is not a plus if you are wearing white or mind getting a little messy.

The burger is just under 600 calories (590) so if you are planning on having a soft drink and fries (or onion rings), watch out as this meal will get you near a half-day’s total caloric intake. The fact that the burger is just shy of 600 calories is, however, reflected in the taste of the burger – it tastes substantial and definitely satisfies.

Of course, if you are watching your weight this burger might not be the right one for you. Lighter veggie options can be had at KFC (check out my review on their Veggie burger https://youtu.be/FV5YxUWNCf4) or Burger King. Both are great alternatives.

Lastly, no A&W review would be complete without mentioning their Root Beer. A&W does an awesome Root Beer – perhaps the best – and that is coming from me! I don’t usually drink soda/pop – but if you go to A&W you are truly missing out if you don’t order one in their freezer-frosted mugs!

The Bottom Line:

Would I get it again? Definitely. A&W is a great choice if you are out on the road and looking for a great tasting veggie option.

Is it worth the money? For around $10 bucks (with a drink) you cannot go wrong. Its value for the money – and certainly stacks up well against some competitors that charge more but offer less.

I hope you enjoy the video!!

And check out my great-tasting vegan/vegetarian Latte!

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